Why Favored Love?

Recently, a good friend of mine asked me why I thought the creation of FAVORED LOVE was so important?

After thinking about it for a few minutes, I had only one answer: FAVORED LOVE is the accumulation of everything God has taught me in my Christian walk; especially in those times when I was struggling in my faith. It is my way of giving back to other Christians because I believe that what God has taught me is life changing! It certainly has changed my life!!

I am not bragging about this by any means, nor am I suggesting that your walk with God can be calculated into a strategic mathematical equation, but as a Christian I have had to deal with many “test of the faith”. And what I have learned along the way has been fundamental to my love for God.

When I was growing up I went to a christian school that taught the bible and what it meant to be a “good christian”. They shared stories of how God had touched people’s life, and how to pray. They sang, and did morning devotions, and encouraged us to live for God.

But for all the good things they taught, the one thing I found very difficult to comprehend was how much Jesus loved me! My teachers tried to show me scripture after scripture that God loved everyone, no matter who they were. But my thoughts always reflected the same pessimism:

“Sure Jesus would love everyone else, but are you seriously suggesting that God loves me!? unconditionally!?”

Trust me friends! This thought was not easy! I didn’t even love myself. So how could God love me? I had a hard time with this truth in my “growing” years. During that period of my life, I was dealing with many issues. I hated everything about myself. I felt stupid, ugly, and the outcast watching everyone else enjoy life.

But the more I learned about God, and his promises, the more I began to believe in my heart that the bible was true! And God gave me plenty of evidence to show that He loved me!

I pray that as you read this blog you will encounter Jesus himself! That his Holy Spirit will work in your life! And that the very presence of God will move you to accomplish your God-given purpose.

If you do not know God as your Lord and Savior then I plead with you to do so now. God loves you. And has only good things in store for you! If you would like to know more about how to give your life to Jesus Christ click <HERE>.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog!

This is a growing ministry so please keep checking back for more updates.

May God richly bless you,

Stephanie Myles
Favored Love Ministries