Focus on the 80, the 20 is nonessential

Our meaning of happiness today has gotten quite skewed, in the fact that, the littlest things in life (and often the most non-essential things in life) are elevated as important; while the bigger (and often most important things in life) will take a back-seat to our everyday lives.

Let me give you an example. Recently, I was talking with a co-worker during one of our coffee-breaks. And we were discussing how my pregnancy was progressing?

At that time I was 6 months pregnant, and having very minimal complications.

I was very excited to tell her how happy I was to feel the baby kicking, and that I couldn’t wait to see my belly move as my child secretly rolled around in my belly.

She asked me if I had everything I needed for when the baby comes, And I said I’m getting there, but I wished I didn’t live in an apartment but rather had my own house where I could decorate a nursery for my baby-boy.”

It was in my co-workers next statement that made me really think about my attitude of gratefulness. In those precious minutes, my co-worker gave me a great lesson to live by:

“Steph, alot people today are living life craving for that 20% they feel is missing in their life, because they feel that with that 20% they will acheive happiness [beyond measure]. But the truth is, we should actually be grateful to God for that 80% in life that is actually meaningful; and good.”

WHOA! Talk about a reality check! That little dose of reality made me realize that life was good for me and my husband! Sure, we had circumstances to overcome with a new baby on the way, BUT we had a new apartment we loved, food to eat, jobs that we could  provide for our families, and whole lot of love from our family and friends. What were decorations in a nursery compared to that!

This “life-lesson” from my co-worker was one that stuck with me, and made me more appreciative of the things in my life. It gave me a daily challenge to live everyday with the attitude of gratefulness. No matter what circumstances were going on in my life.


Are you thankful for the 80% in your life? How do you show this thankfulness in your life? How does the above story change your view of the 20% in your life?


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