What If……

Today in church I was given a challenge. This challenge inspired me to grow in my faith! Not just individually; but also corporately!

It lead me to ask the question: WHAT IF…….

What if everyday I gave my full heart to Jesus;

What if everyday I said YES to the things of God;

What if everyday I spend time with God growing in my fellowship with HIM, and trusting HIM for my everyday needs, and;

What if all of this could change my life!


What if we didn’t just preach the word, but WHAT IF we LIVED the WORD;

What if people could see a difference in us, and we could give God all the glory;


What if our fellowship with others began with Love and Hugs, and Understanding, and Respect;

What if our time with God extended beyond the pews of our local church, and;

What if everyday was worth getting up for!!


What if we didn’t have to dread the days ahead, but we could look forward to a bright future with God;

And, What if we didn’t have to live with shame and pain, because in a instant it was all healed in Jesus Name;

And What if our lives were filled with purpose because we know the one who holds tomorrow in his hand;

John 10:10 says “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”


We weren’t so lazy, or

We didn’t make those excuses, or

We didn’t believe the devil’s lies


They say that our time with God is the most important thing we could do! That this should be a daily investment!

What if all the above could be accomplished, with just opening up our bibles and reading the word of God



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